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I am 6' 6". I know how to Draw, render, paint in acrylics, inks. I have a Cert in Colour Theory and I believe anyone can create. Now-a-days, I will make pics for family and friends. Often they are cartoonish, or subtly odd.

I have learned a lot, and that makes me realize I have WAY more to learn and grow, especially in those areas that I have gotten lazy in. Challenge me.

Current Residence: CA, USA
Shell of choice: Sand Dollar
Skin of choice: Non-warty
Personal Quote: That which does not kill you will often pick you up and keep beating you.
when I originally started digital work, I was Photoshop heavy (admittedly this was initially PS 4, then 7, then CS4). I've been considering more lightweight tools for my laptop. I think when it comes down to it, I'd step back from 3D for the time, since I've really only used Lightwave and very basic 3DSMax, and Rhino. Even more basic animation with Lightwave and early Flash.

I bring out the Gimp when I play with colours, but I don't do much with it.
SAI is one I'm considering, but I've been told the guy doesn't update it anymore.
Believe it or not, I was told to get a Fan translated Manga Studio 5 because it's ALWAYS updated (I guess the US version isn't), and basically IS SAI because they can do that in that country.

I have Corel. I love it, and it's awesome to experiment with, and I get to feel like I'm using my familiar hand tools- but if I use it, everything comes out very 'fine arts' and doesn't look... finished (moreso than my usual 'this looks unfinished').

If you read this: Thoughts, without rabid fanatic pushing?

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thanks for the llama badge :D
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Hey there! Thanks for the watch and llama badge!
awesome Big Wow! :D colour my pic lol
I had fun! ...which pic?
taaaaaaake your pick
Skiesclear Apr 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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